Laser Welding machines for airbag chutes.

The airbag chute - an important safety element.

The chute is a shoebox- sized frame mounted on the rear of an instrument panel.

On deployment, the airbag opens into the chute and creates the necessary pressure for the airbag flap to open and for the material to tear along the designated contour.

For this reason the quality of the welding seam on the chute is a significant safety issue.

Laser welding machine VOTAN IQ

JENOPTIK meets the demand for compact laser systems for various welding tasks in the automotive industry with the JENOPTIK-VOTAN™ IQ family.

Through quasi-simultaneous laser welding, this system enables minimum cycle times and top results such as the absence of marks and high strength. Moreover, metallic components can be laser-welded using this

machine as well with minimum deformation and thermal influence. Laser welding of and metals up to 3D using 6-axis robots or simultaneous welding using directly radiating diode lasers is possible

with the JENOPTIK-VOTAN™ IQ Welding on an industrial level on an area as small as one square meter.

With this system and tailor-made technology development, Jenoptik is capable of constructing a customized machine, tailored to the customer's needs.

Field of use for plastic and metal materials:

We offer competence in:

• Large parts with complex contours like housings
• Cooling units
• Car body parts
• Pipes
• Home appliances
• 3D parts
• High value and difficult weldable materials
• Electronic housings
• Medical and industrial fluidic systems
• Medical equipment (endoscopes, etc.)
• Automotive interior/exterior parts • Custom-made solutions based on material and process
• Industrialization of processes
• Concepts of machine and process
• Machine manufacture
• Technology transfer